Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

The way one company cleans your carpet can be dramatically different from the way that it is done by another. Even when it appears to be similar by the actions that the cleaners are performing, there are many things that can be quite different, which will have a major impact on the results. Here at Cleaning Carpet, we work hard to follow the best carpet cleaning process in the industry. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you or give us a call at 718-840-3531 to talk with someone from our team of professionals about our services today.

Eliminating All Stains

The first thing we will do on most jobs is look for specific spots or stains that may be present on the carpets or rugs. This can include stains from spills, pet stains, or even just areas that are especially dirty due to having more foot traffic or being near a door. No matter the cause of the stains or spots, we will take special care to get them removed so that they won't stand out at all. Doing this first allows us to get the entire floor prepared for the full deep cleaning that will come next.

Deep Steam Cleaning

The next step in our cleaning process is performing the full deep cleaning. This will typically happen using our powerful truck mounted steam cleaners. These machines use strong, environmentally friendly, shampoos and soaps along with steam to get deep down to the base of your carpets or rugs. From there it will remove all the dirt, oils, pet hair, dander, allergens, and other things that are present. Our team will take care to go over every inch of the floor to be sure that your carpets and rugs look their best when we are done.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Many of our customers choose to add upholstery cleaning to their list of services that they need. Having us clean your living room chairs, couches, and other furniture while we are out cleaning the carpet is a very smart decision. It can help you to save money while improving the way the entire room looks, feels, and smells. We use specific products and attachments to ensure we are able to get your upholstery looking its best.

Rug Repair & Restoration

In the event that you have any type of damage on your rugs, we can get it repaired while we're out in most cases. Repairing damaged carpets and rugs is important not only to help ensure it looks the way it should, but also to prevent the damage from spreading. If a rug has a frayed edge, for example, if it is not taken care of right away, the problem will grow as people walk through the area.

Inspection and Approval

Once we are done going through our entire carpet cleaning process, our team will look over every inch of the flooring to make sure everything looks just the way it should. At this time you can also inspect our work to make sure you are completely satisfied. Once you confirm that you approve of the work we performed, the job will be completed. To schedule an appointment, or to talk with us about any questions you may have, please dial 718-840-3531. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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